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Bag Crush featured in Voyage Baltimore Magazine!

My name is Shannon “Hollywood” Rucker, I’m a mother of four, wife, and an entrepreneur in the Metro Detroit area. Bag Crush is a company I started in 2015 where I create, cut, design, and sew handmade handbags. I am a self-taught designer. I started off just making clutch bags. Now I’ve created multiple unique styled bags such as backpacks, fanny packs, fringe bags, hobo bags, and much more. I’ve now branched off into getting some of my bags mass-produced. My whole motto is to build confidence through being edgy and different from the rest. I’ve been an ARTIST all my life from being a nail tech over 27 years to an MUA but, I can honestly say that this has taken me to a different level in my artistry. I believe this is my calling and passion and I’m here to obey and listen. I dream of designs all the time, that’s how I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Right now I’m basically a one-woman show. My dream is to open my own manufacturing company in Detroit, MI, or the surrounding area. I see myself having employees mass-producing my bags in the City of Detroit. I’ve had the pleasure of shipping my bags all over. My goal is to be a household name all around the world. I will continue to create what my customers want. ~I’m Different, I Like Different, So I Create Different

Read the full article here.

“The only struggle I have experienced is doing everything on my own. Eventually, I will branch off to get more help in different areas. Trying to keep up with everything on my own can be rough at times. Running a full-time business alone in itself can be challenging.

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